Meet Kate brings people together

21-01-2014 Posted by:

Thinking back to that evening in March 2012... that evening when I settled down for a movie night with a few friends and first heard Naa (UK chair) give a talk about Meet Kate, that evening when, I too, was ‘inspired by Kate’... it is amazing to see how much we have achieved already.


The little voice saying: “I’ll try again tomorrow”

12-11-2013 Posted by:

What is your passion? What really gets your heart racing and butterflies stomping in your stomach? It takes courage to chase your dream. Not the kind of courage that roars like a lion, but the quiet confidence at the end of a hard day that whispers “I’ll try again tomorrow.” This is what we love to invest in at Meet Kate! I want to introduce you to two people, who demonstrate just that.


When I grow up, I want to be….

06-11-2013 Posted by:

For the past 6 weeks, I have been in Ghana visiting all our projects, but really focusing on the scholarship program. I have had a phenomenal time. This is my experience. "Meeting the scholarship students was an experience I will never forget. Being a student myself, I love learning. I think that education is such a powerful tool and opens up so many opportunities. In Ghana the Meet Kate Foundation gives brilliant but needy young people the opportunity to finish high school. We make sure that we can cover all three years of tuition, boarding, books and food so that our focus is more on quality than quantity.  


She inspires...

06-11-2013 Posted by:

“A seven year old girl tentatively stepped off a turbulent flight with her fantasy of becoming an airhostess well and truly abandoned. Buzzing with excitement, she took her first steps onto British soil. Looking around her, Ghana; her home, seemed so far away.”  


Speech Peter R. de Vries Opening Meet Kate Academy

30-01-2013 Posted by:

As ambassador of the Meet Kate Foundation and as the father of Kelly, I am honored to speak a few words today on this very special occasion: The opening of the Meet Kate Academy. The building of the Meet Kate Academy has to be considered as a major and impressive step forward and a big achievement in the still short history of Meet Kate. It all started with the children’s home, a couple of years ago, as you will all remember. To create a home, a safe shelter for children, is in my opinion the number-one challenge in the world and was realized in a magnificent way here in Ekwamkrom, Ghana. The happy smiles on the children’s faces proof the success of Meet Kate every day.


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